Biosoft Services

Our company specializes in projects based on TurnKey, or, if and when required, we provide auxiliary services, such as design, validation, etc. … Our company offers the following services::

· Feasibility testing and counseling: Our company analyzes characteristics of the project, testing alternatives, and provide customer cost estimates.

· Engineering design and project management: There are several areas in our company represented in engineering, process engineering, mechanical engineering, air conditioning engineering and software engineering, which enables our company to provide solutions to complex engineering problems, and complex requiring much technical knowledge from various fields.

· Validation support: Our company  has a has years of experience in preparing SOP’s, documentation for FDA approval, including validation files, IQ, OQ  Black Box Test & White Box Test simulation protocol validation documents and tests.

·  Technical support and maintenance: The contact with the customer continues after the project is completed. Our company   provides service and support through the facility’s life cycle.