About Us

Since the industrial revolution, there is always the need for new innovative engineering companies to overcome the hardships of the industrialized world

Biosoft.Ltd is the leading company in the engineering business and biotechnology pharmaceutical and security.

The company was founded in 2004 and since then contributed to the development and maintenance of the most influential factories in the industry.

Biosoft CEO and co-founder of the company Yehuda Ben David has an experience of 20 years in his profession as an engineer and he is leading each one of the projects throwouts the whole process.

Biosoft’s mission is to design, build, and validate biotech and pharmaceuticals turnkey projects while giving the client the fastest and beneficial experience. 

The company vision is to become a global leader in engineering designing and constructing  Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological plants.

Relying on vast experience in the biopharmaceutical field from the invention phase through the scale-up, into the industrial systems Enhancing geographical expansion.

The 21 century is all about innovation and in Biosoft we are no exception.

we are willing to work on more innovative and ambitious projects that are connected to our specialty if you want to know more about our specializations visit  About Us .

Biosoft is working with the most influential companies in the business and if you want to peek and see some of our projects.