Biosoft Engineering begins by preparing the initial conceptual design, to 3D modeling as part of the planning stage in detail, we offer a wide range of efficient, customized engineering services.

We have internship experience Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, our approach offers custom solutions to fit your specific production needs.
Take advantage of our experience in planning and constructing of new projects, and upgrading existing production facilities ·

  • Get our expert help with any project – from small to large

  • Ensure that your project  cGMP regulations, the working environment and external environmental requirements

  • Benefit from our expertise in automation, process and project management

  • Get the highest quality standard ensured by our QA and our established

The earlier we are involved in a project, the faster your overall goal is met.

Modular engineering for projects
Rapid planning and execution of projects based on our modular engineering approach. This involves managing the project according to the models in parallel.

There are  many  benefits in our modular concept  including:

Reducing the execution time of projects to 4–6 months, from the start of detail design to the end of OQ.