Biosoft provides clean room facility for biotechnology and pharma industry. We cover all areas, our knowledge comes from years of working with cGMP .

Your Safety, quality and your needs effectively determine the way we work. When time is critical, we have two main approaches:

Execution speed – we contribute with advice, an experienced design, engineering and implementation services.
Rebuilding upgrading – When you need a re-complex with a minimum disruption to production, we provide tailormade solutions simultaneously.

Some of the turnkey projects we have completed include:
Pharmaceutical production facilities, Biotech production facilities, for example safety labs,  vaccine production facilities.

We offer consulting services in the following areas:
Risk assessment, planning and strategy in the classroom, analysis of documentation, guidelines, facilities planning, testing new and existing qualifications, very suitable for audit inspection.

These are examples of our engineering services:
HVAC and Clean room design, Layout analysis solution, flow and classification plans, airlock design and gowning descriptions, BMS for cleanrooms.